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Chers membres et invités de La French Connection Golf.


El Plantio propose un paquet intéressant que je vous communique.


Dear French Connection Golf Society,


    El Plantío Golf Course is very pleased to offer you the possibility to play the both courses in one day with a very special price. The planning will be the following:


    - At 9:00 hours -> 9 Holes on the Par 3 Course with a shot gun


    - Around 10:30 hours -> we will serve you a sandwich  of cured ham or bacon with coffe or tea at the cafeteria


    - At 11:00 hours -> you will have the first tee off time to play 18 Holes on the Main Course with buggy (if available)


    - After your game on the Main Course, you will get a beer with almonds, olives and chips at the cafeteria


The price per person for this offer is 65€ buggy included for the main course.



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