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Here are some details concerning the 2016 season.

Annual Subscriptions:

Existing Members (Jan to Dec 2016)

      Single membership:  45€

      Couple membership:35€ each

New Members, accepted from the waiting list (Jan to Dec 2016)

      Joining Fee :             20€

      Single Membership:  30€

      Couple Membership: 25€ each

Playing Fees

      Members:         3€

      Non-members: 4€

Having now been running for eight years, it is felt that the French Connection has reached an ideal size - just enough to ensure we have not simply become a golf-playing machine, but rather a society where members enjoy a good deal of conviviality and each other’s company. For this reason we have a waiting list for anyone who wishes to join. We need to ensure that new members will respect the criteria put in place by the Committee.

Despite the inevitable departure of some members over the course of a year, we expect the total membership to remain somewhere in the 60s.

Becoming a member allows you to enter into the history of 'La French', and to see your name inscribed on one or more of the following trophies:

  • The President's Trophy
  • The Captain's Trophy
  • The Léo Gemperle Trophy
  • The Trophy of the Nationalities
  • The Match Play Trophy
  • The End-of-Season Trophy
  • The French Master of Bonalba Trophy (the 'Blue Jacket')

Being a member gives you unrestricted rights to win competition prizes, especially those donated by sponsors.

Being a member implies that you are happy to join in the life of the society, to uphold its image and to spread its ideals to others.

Being a member also means that you are comfortable in the French Connection's 'multi-national' atmosphere, something which its founder members were extremely keen to create.


Everyone will have noticed that there is to be an increase in fees in 2016. This is very necessary if we are to keep the quality and number of prizes which the Committee wishes to maintain.

Furthermore, two other expenses have to be taken into consideration - the entry of the FC into the Costa Blanca League, and the new French Master Trophy prize (the 'Blue Jacket'.) This jacket becomes the property of the winner. He/she will be expected to wear it to the society's important events, especially to the annual dinners where it is next awarded.

We need to thank again the sponsorship provided by:

  • Leo Gemperle,
  • Lanson Champagnes, and
  • Torres Wines

without whom we could not guarantee the quality of our prizes and trophies.

We should also thank the Captain and the President who sponsor the prizes of their own annual tournaments.


The winner of the Blue Jacket is not known until the final competition of our golfing season is over (the beginning of November.) The Blue Jacket needs about three weeks in which to be tailored because it will be made-to-measure. It has to be ready for the prize-giving which takes place in early December.

This means that the competitions qualifying for the Blue Jacket have run this season from November 2014 to October 2015, and will follow this pattern in succeeding years, i.e. the 2016 season for the Blue Jacket begins with this month's competition at Font del Llop on November 20th - and 2500 points are available to the winner!

For existing members, then, there is no problem. However, those applying to join the French Connection, and wishing to be in contention for the jacket, should note the importance of doing so in time for this month's competition (remember, November 20th.)












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